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It was nothing but a bittersweet day for Central High International School, as the graduates of the class of 2019 bid farewell to the place they had made the most memories in. The room was filled with tears of joy and sadness as they said their final goodbyes to teachers and friends before embarking on the next chapter in their lives. The school was honoured to have in their presence, the Principal of College of Medicine Dr Mipando, Board Members of Central High and the parents of the distinguished graduates. The event started off with a slideshow of most of the memories that the students shared at Central High. A message from their families was incorporated which left most teary eyed. Sitting in an orderly fashion at the front row the graduates then prepared to grace the stage for the last time as they received their certificate of completion at Central High International School. At the end of it all the students received words of wisdom from many speakers to carry forth with them as they begin a new journey in their lives.

A high honour!

The Principal of the College of Medicine, Dr Mwapatsa Mipando graced the stage on the 18th of June 2019, at Central High International School as a guest speaker to address the graduates with his words of wisdom on excellence, vision, and remaining grounded. He started by thanking the school for the warm welcome and recognizing that Central High continues to produce high achievers that have easily been enrolled into the College of Medicine. He not only commended the students for being of academic excellence but he also recognized their humble character which he referred to as “Ubuntu”. He then placed emphasis on the importance of excellence. Stating that it is something that each person has to work hard for; it must be the platform for everything that a person does for that it is the tool that will help you reach the sky. He further went on to discuss the importance of having a vision. He likened it to the example of the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa. He stated that it remains the tallest building because the people who built it had had a vision. It was designed and built by multicultural countries each designing a specific part that they specialized in. It remains strong and grounded because someone started off with a vision and that vision included different people from all over the world to help drive the structure. ‘’No man is an island,” and they must not be afraid to network. It is important to learn from others for that is where you are able to achieve your full potential. He ended by asking each of the graduates to never forget their culture. They must always remember where they came from because that aids their vision They must be grounded on their beliefs and in whatever field they choose. He urged them to always remember the Burj Khalifa, a building that has stood the test of time because it has remained grounded.