The fundamentals of a good education do not change. Of course some components should and do. At Central High School, we remain committed to encouraging our pupils to do and give their best; to discover what it is they are good at and not so good at; and to learn how to value the contributions of others whilst allowing their own to be appropriately valued too.

With the challenging nature of economic and social environment, there has been a corresponding change in the concept of education. Rapid technological development has given man many mighty powers but there has been a great decline in his moral aspects. Here lies the importance in the shift of the role of education from just a bundle of bookish knowledge to a tool for reformation in every walk of life.

Learning has to be engaging, challenging, vigorous and integrated. I define education as a medium to transmit the culture to the new generation and transform the outlook of the young towards life in the light of past and future requirements of the society.

Let’s wake up to the need of the hour. Learning does not mean stuffing human brain with certain grim and vague theories and indigestible formulae. But it should instill in the learner the practical wisdom which enables him to discharge his duties efficiently, assume responsibilities and face any issues with innate resilience and technical efficiency.

Such thoughtful, compassionate and cooperative human beings can live productively in an increasingly chaotic, complex and informatively rich world.

Irfan Bheda

Board of Governors