YEARS 7, 8 and 9: AGES 11-14

The Lower School was established way back in the sixties, and continues to grow year on year, building on the school’s almost 50 years as an independent IGCSE and A-Level School. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of twenty-five, allowing continuous attention to the education and welfare of each individual student.

Small class sizes and a personal approach to learning see students excel. Both, the large amount of individual attention they receive and the close-knit environment ensure that no one goes unnoticed or gets left behind.

Students’ academic progress is closely monitored by the leadership team. Assessments at the end of each term, plus ongoing reports to the Head of the school, provide detailed feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Our highly-qualified, experienced staff knows how to challenge and motivate. As well as laying firm foundations for IGCSE, they teach skills vital for examination success. By the time they reach Middle School, students will be highly organised and increasingly autonomous in their learning, with the result that they are better able to analyse and learn from their mistakes. We are proud of the warm and welcoming atmosphere that we have established here at Central High School.

Vertical integration among year groups creates strong social networks in which students support and care for each other. Newcomers settle quickly, with the half-term study trip in the autumn term a chance to get to know each other in a more informal setting.

We work hard to maintain an open and honest dialogue between home and school. Close co-operation on homework and discipline encourages students to feel supported in their learning. Detailed feedback on students’ progress is given via school reports and open houses.

The Head of the school Dr Nishant Mishra is always contactable by email and telephone should any questions or concerns arise.